8 Tips To Fix Your Sleep Pattern During Ramadan Without Skipping Suhoor

8 Tips To Fix Your Sleep Pattern During Ramadan Without Skipping Suhoor

April 6, 2021, 10:29 am by Mimi's Beauty.


In Ramadan our sleeping pattern gets harder to maintain, and over time, may lead to sleep deprivation if not done properly. Multiple factors come into place such as wanting to have Suhoor right before Fajr, having to go to work the next morning but obviously still wanting to fit in as much sleep time as possible (because most of us still very much need our beauty sleep!). 

Note that not sleeping well and fasting is not a good combination, so here's what you can do to help fix the problem.

We've all tried going to bed and then waking up for Suhoor but let's face it, it does not work!

You either end up not waking up or you actually do find the strength to wake up but can't go back to sleep... And this not even mentioning the part where you end up cooking with one eye closed when you are making the food for Suhoor. 

A healthy sleep pattern will allow you to truly embrace the holy month of Ramadan and transfer your energy to your spiritual side. So here are a few tips that should help you with just that:


Have a light Iftar. I know it sounds easier to say than to do because, you've been waiting for this moment literally all day, but trust us. Throughout the day, your stomach shrank, so you will easily be able to fill it up without over eating and stretching it. The digestive process will also demand a lot of energy, and you know better than anyone that the smallest amount of energy makes a difference.


Try to eat the healthiest food on the table, having an irritated, full stomach is not good for your health in general, but is especially not good for you when you're fasting. If you want sweets to end your meal on a high note, do it with moderation, there comes a time when we all ask ourselves the same question: "Do I want more of this, or should I save myself for that".


Divide the eating and drinking throughout the night. Instead of following the standard Iftar and Suhoor times to eat, spread your food and beverages over night. There is a reason why expert nutritionist recommend that we eat 5 times per day (Smaller portions but more frequently).


Have an early Suhoor. Since you broke your fast during Iftar in a light manner, you will most probably get hungry earlier (before Fajr time). This is your chance to get the energy you need and go to bed early, no need to wake up in the middle of the night. 


Don't sleep before Iftar. No matter how much you want to, save it for later. If you take a power nap before Iftar, you won't be able to sleep early enough.


Workout before Iftar. Physical activity has proven to decrease hunger and increase thirst which is great as it will help you control your food during Iftar. It will also give you free time after Iftar so you can have time to relax and have an early Suhoor.


If you feel bored because everyone is sleeping before Iftar, this is your chance to catch up on your favorite TV Series and/or Movies. This will also allow you to reduce the amount of television or phone exposure before bedtime to get a better night's sleep. 


Electronic devices such as mobiles phones, TVs and computer have been proven to emit 'Blue Light' which is know to wake up the brain. We recommend a red lamp in order to counteract the effects of digital screens.

Let us know is you have any life-saving tips to share!

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